We provide a broad range of valuation services both online and on-site
for homeowners, insurance professionals, legal advisors, and collectors.


Inspecting photographs allows for a quick and efficient method for placing rugs in a general category. “What do I have?”, “is it handmade?”, “is it old?”, “is it a fine example?”, “what is its origin?” are some of the questions that may be answered. Based on photos, a range of value may be provided for placing the rug in a general context.

Inspection of a collection of rugs from photographs may be a good first step in understanding which rugs are most valuable and require special consideration.

Insurance adjusters may find that an inspection of photographs of damaged rugs may quickly ascertain if a rug is worthy of restoration or should be replaced.

To request an on-line evaluation, send dimensions and photos to appraiser@rugappraiser.com . Based on an inspection of that information, you will be advised how to proceed and given pricing options.


On–site inspection provides the foundation for a written appraisal report.

The inspection process includes an examination of the property and color photography. The report includes a detailed description of the property, attribution to a specific geographic origin, age, and a statement of condition. The report also includes the definition of value for the appraisal, the approach to valuation and a certification. All reports are performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

On-site services are billed at $200.00 per hour including time on site and report writing. Travel time and related expenses are contingent on specific assignment requirements and negotiated at the time of engagement.

Depending on the assignment, we will travel within the United States. To schedule an on-site inspection call us at (210) 479-2501 or email us at appraiser@rugappraiser.com


Assignments are accepted for services other than valuation. Acquisition advice, collection management, advice for bidders at auction, advice on conservation and restoration are among the services available. We are prepared to advise on sales from collections or in the liquidation of estates by recommending the proper approach and market. We are also available to accept special research assignments that solve specific problems or address special situations.

On-site consultation or walk through

This service provides the client with a verbal assessment of their rugs. It addresses authenticity, age, and condition. It allows the client to decide if additional action should be taken related to repair, maintenance or additional research. Identifying items of exceptional value is a part of this service.

Consultation assignments, construction of curricula, and the presentation of seminars are billed at a negotiated rate or bid through a letter of engagement.