Below, we have assembled answers to the most common questions regarding your privacy as it relates to Rather than simply asking that you trust us, we believe it is critical that we are transparent about the data we collect, how we use it, and how it is protected. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy pages.


Why does Rugappraiser collect (and use) my data?

We are committed to creating the best experience for visitors to Rugappraiser. To do this, it is important that we have access to information about our visitors. For example, knowing which pages you read helps us understand your interests. That information lets us select the types of content we show you in certain parts of the website and to which topics we should devote more attention.

What type of data is collected about me when I’m accessing Rugappraiser?

Different types of data are collected based on the different services you use. There are effectively two types of data collection: direct and indirect.

Direct data collection means you are submitting data to us. For example, when you use the contact form on this website, you submit your email address, name, and message content.

Indirect data collection takes place passively as you interact with our site. Our tracking technologies collect data about your reading behavior, like which pages you visit or how often you visit Rugappraiser. Additionally, we may collect data about readers from social media platforms.

What does Rugappraiser do with data it collects on me?

Direct data that we collect is used to respond to your inquiries, such as answering contact form submissions.

Indirect data is aggregated with other site visitors to cater our content to you, like by recommending pages that may be of interest. The specific data we use depends on the offering, and how you are accessing it.

How are you keeping my data safe?

We have implemented organizational, technological and physical safeguards designed to keep our visitors’ data secure internally. Rugappraiser is dedicated to building, maintaining and upgrading the measures we take to protect your data.